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Welcome to e-musicBusinessGame!

The ‘eMusicBusinessGame’ is the key part of the WebTraingGame (WTG) project that has been carried out by a partnership made of European Business Schools and Universities with the support of the EU Leonardo da Vinci Program. The WTG project falls under the strategy defined at the EU Summit of Lisbon (March 2000), aiming at accelerating the dissemination of the ICT in the world of Education. It meets also the concerns of the business organizations as well as the requests of SMEs, regarding the need for well skilled students and workers in the in the field of ICT, and especially in the area of e-Business Marketing and Management.

What will you find on the ‘e-MusicBusinessGame’ Web site? To whom is the ‘e-MusicBusinessGame’ Web site intended for?
  • Teaching staff in Business Administration, Marketing or in Management;
  • Teachers and trainers;
  • e-Tutors;
  • Students in Business Administration, Marketing or in Management;
  • HR managers;
  • Business executives from SMEs.

  • The Work package diagram & responsible partners is now available in PDF format in the Partners page.

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